Friend Dog Studios and a Semester Abroad

Hello wonderful patron types!

You’ve probably noticed we haven’t made a lot of stuff lately. Like. Hardly anything at all this year. But you’d be WRONG to notice that, because we HAVE been making stuff! It just hasn’t been…internet stuff.

We recently released our first video in a while chronicling our nightmare move to our new apartment/workspace in Chicago (it’s here if you haven’t seen it yet). That move came right smack dab in the middle of a whole lot of other chaos, most of which has revolved around a little musical called The Ballad of Lefty & Crabbe.

Lefty & Crabbe is a musical comedy we originally created for the 2015 Kansas City Fringe Festival. It’s lightning-quick story about a vaudeville duo trying to navigate their way through the changing landscape of entertainment during the rise of Hollywood. Since its' original conception we’ve continued to work on it and produce it off and on, in partnership with The Living Room Theatre in KC and now the Underscore Theatre Company in Chicago. At the end of 2018, we faced a tall order. I’ll spare you the complexities that led to this, but basically, we had agreed to commit the first half of the new year almost entirely to this one project. So, here’s what we’ve been up to:

• January: do rewrites for/oversee the production of a two-week workshop of the show in Chicago
• February: use workshop feedback to do more rewrites
March: travel to KC for a few weeks to oversee further tweaks at the start of the rehearsal process for a full production in Kansas City
April: complete fundraising efforts in order to house out of town collaborators for the upcoming Chicago production
May: further writing tweaks. KC production closes, rehearsals in Chicago start two days later
June: Chicago production opens (Brian and I are both in it)

And that brings us to now, July 9th. The production will be wrapping up just a few days from now, and then it’ll be time to take a deep breath and decide what comes next.

We’re truly grateful to you for your continued support, be it online, in person at one of our live shows, or both! We feel incredibly lucky to have had the crazy half a year we’ve experienced so far. Here’s to another!

- Ben

Below is a little gallery of some production photos from the Chicago show, accompanied by some of the great press quotes we’ve been getting! If you live in Chicago, I’d say be sure to catch closing weekend, but it’s all sold out!

For more information about the show, visit