Friend Dog Studios is a creative collective formed by a handful of boyfolk from the Middlewest (Brian Huther, Ben Auxier, and Seth Macchi). With a focus on savvy satire, heartfelt storytelling and deceptively stupid comedy, FDS has racked up millions of views online and sold out houses in Kansas City (Online: G.O.P. Jesus, Drunk Trump, 2016 The Movie: The Trailer, et. al. Onstage: The Ballad of Lefty and Crabbe, H4CKS, Milking Christmas). We’re passionate, empathetic, available for hire and what’s most: we do it all in a cage suspended o’er a pit of full of “heavy metal” guitars*. We are currently based in Chicago, Illinois and made possible by the patronage of supporters on Patreon. Use this portal of power to peep a sneak at some the what we do.

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Aren’t all the funny people supposed to be on the left? They’re certainly not hanging out with YouTube producers Friend Dog Studios
— Newbusters, the greatest news site

*with spikes