Seth Macchi has a body made of rubber, a face like a prince, and a heart full of blood. He studied Theatre & Film at the University of Kansas. Rock Chalk! Seth is an actor, writer, and improviser living in Kansas City. He has appeared on many stages in KC such as New Theatre Restaurant, Kansas City Repertory Theatre, Metropolitan Ensemble Theatre, The Living Room, and more. He has appeared in many short films as well as a supporting role in the feature film Adira by Sunset Studios. Follow him on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!


Ben never technically graduated high school and has a LOT of trouble tying knots. Don't ask him to tie knots for you, it'll be this whole thing.

Ben is an actor and improvisor living in Kansas City. He is the Artistic Director of the KC Improv Company, and has worked with various local theaters including the Living Room Theatre, the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival, and Theatre for Young America. Sometimes you might could see him on TV trying to sell you things. Follow him on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.



A puppy and a sad donkey had a baby. Somehow that baby was a human person and its name was Brian Huther. Brian likes music and televisions and sunlight and trees and taking naps. 

Brian is a writer, performer, musician and improvisor in Kansas City. His plays have appeared at The Living Room Theatre and at Fishtank Performance Studio. He's performed with the KC Repertory Theatre, The Living Room, KC Improv Company, Fountain City Sketch, and others in the area. Follow him on twitter and instagram!